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We are open for seeing clients and phone appointments are now available.

Call (707) 684-6126 or email for an appointment.

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Body Work

Wendy Read utilizes many bodywork modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Refloxology, and physical therapy exercises and techniques. She specializes in chronic injuries, stress relief, and joint and back pain.



Wendy blends her knowledge of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Grief Therapy, the Chinese Five Element System, and Enneagrams with her spiritual studies in Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, and the teachings of Jesus to help clients discover the root of their issues and learn tools to overcome the emotional, physical, and spiritual challenges of life.

Herbal Therapy

Wendy uses her knowledge of physiology, biochemistry, Western Herbalism and Ayerveda to mix personal formulas and put together herbal remedies that are right for each individual’s lifestyle.

Energy Work, Spiritual Therapies, and Shamanism

Wendy incorporates her vast knowledge and experience working with the energetic body and spirit into each healing session. She uses Polarity Therapy to correct elemental imbalances, release bound muscles and emotions, correct anxiety, and invigorate those who have lost the “spark of life.” Utilizing shamanic techniques, she can work with plant and animal spirits to remove objects embedded in the aura, retrieve lost parts of the soul, remove alien spirits, and balance and revive Chakras. She helps people revive or create spiritual practices that promote spiritual and emotional health.

Rituals and Ceremonies

Wendy is an all-denominations and pagan minister, priestess and shaman. She  is available for weddings, memorial services, rites of passage ceremonies, baby blessings, house or land clearings, crop blessings and more.


Enjoy a soak in our hot tub overlooking the creek, or enjoy a meditation at one of the garden altars by the fountain.

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