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Education Updates


I am opening an herbal apprenticeship for locals and students. Teenagers welcome!

This very flexible program is designed to help us adapt to our ever changing world with its many health and safety challenges. We are focusing on:


1. Starting, or expanding, your own herb garden at home. We will save seeds, take cuttings, and otherwise transplant and propagate herbs from the Caretaker's Garden.

2. Harvesting herbs and making medicines with them.

3. Making Herbal first aid kits for the home and travel.

4. Herbs for treating infectious diseases.

5. Connecting spiritually with plants

6. Yes, Cannabis is included!

We are meeting for 2 hours on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays. For now we are meeting from 2-4.

If you can only come once a week, no problem. Students decide how much homework they want to do, but at least 2-3 hours a week is recommended.

Students may work towards earning their Herbology certificate from the California Healing Institute.

I am asking for $125 - $200/ month sliding scale.

In short, I really want to spread this knowledge throughout my community so we are stronger and safer as we continue our journeys through this dynamic time!



Cannabis Therapy Certification

I am not offering this program this summer - maybe next spring! If you are intent on earning this certificate this year, we can work through the herbal apprenticeship program above.


Teaching Certificates


If you want to work on a teaching certificate from CHI, you may also do that through the herbal apprenticeship. If you already have your teaching cert and want to use it, you can help teach the apprenticeship program.


Please text or email for more details.


Much love to you all, Wendy

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