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Autumnal Equinox 2020

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Autumnal Equinox 2020

Thank you to all who participated in creating this group magic. I have shared part of our ritual below.

Forming the Sacred Sphere:

Inhale powers facing away from the circle, exhale powers into the circle

From the East: Breathe in the perspective of the stars

South: Breathe in the gift of oxygen from the trees

West: Breathe in the power of dusk, to prepare for the darkness that comes.

North: Breathe in inspiration from your ancestors

Center: As autumn draws us to turn inward, breathe into your center, and feel it connect to the center of others and the center of all.

Fall Equinox

Gird your loins, for Fall apart time is here.

Do not be repelled by aging and decay. Work to see the beauty there. It will not always be pretty, but there will be beauty.

Now is the time of year, and the time of infinitely greater cycles, to offer gratitude for death and decay,

as without it there would be no space, no sustenance, for life.

Begrudge not the mushrooms as they break down the fallen, for they bring forth food for the world.

Begrudge not the destroyers around you, for they can destroy only that which is already weak and rotten to the core.

Do not fear grief.

Grieve your losses, as we have learned that one day the grief will be balanced by love.

Grieve with the mighty Oak as she releases all of her dead children to flutter to the earth. See her let go.

Bear witness as her seeds leap into the cradle of broken leaves below and see them nurture the fallen acorn through winter’s tears.

Know that new life will sprout forth from the entropy of decay.

Remember that with death and expiration comes the magical power of life and inspiration.

Is it her wings that keep the hawk in flight? Or is it the inspiration that soars through the canyon?

The same air that we inhale now was once inhaled and by our ancestors and inspires our hearts to love.

Or as the Chippewa natives sing:

“Sometimes I go about pitying myself while I am carried by the wind across the sky.”

Seeking guidance in this time of death and decay, I spent some time with Kali, a Goddess of destruction. This is what I learned:

A message from Kali, Goddess of Destruction

“If you prefer smoke over fire, then get up now and leave. For She does not intend to perfume your mind’s clothing with more sooty knowledge.

No, she has something else in mind.

As she dances with a flame in her left hand and a sword in her right,

There will be no damage control.

For the Goddess is in a mood to plunder your riches,

and fling you nakedly into such breathtaking poverty that all that will be left of you

will be your power to shine.

So don’t just sit around these flames choking on your smokey mind. For this is no campfire song, no mindless mantra to set yourself at ease with.

Kali speaks her dream of death and says

Jump now into the din and dance with the destruction before I burn the damn place down.”

To honor the burned trees and to root into the re-balancing power of equinox, we will now create a forest of trees (tree poses/ breathe with the trees).


“May you be inspired and re-balanced. May your harvest fly into your coffers like bees to the Borage. Go forth and spread the magic we have created here today.”

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