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Pandemic Relief for Anderson Valley

Wendy Read and her team of medicine makers are offering PANDEMIC PREVENTION and RELIEF to the Anderson Valley! With Wendy at the helm, The Caretakers Garden has been serving holistic health care to our valley for over 15 years.

During this critical time, she and her team will be making sanitizers, flu prevention medicine, flu treatment medicine, and educating the public regarding the pandemic. Can’t find hand sanitizers out there?  WE HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE MANY ANTISEPTIC SANITIZERS using alcohol, hydrosols and essential oils – ENOUGH FOR THE WHOLE ANDERSON VALLEY and beyond!

WE ARE ALSO DELIVERING our all-natural MEDICINES and preventive TEAS, TINCTURES, and SANITIZERS to Anderson Valley residents and businesses.

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP! With an effort like this, there are a number of expenses: Alcohol, bottles and jars, herbs, gas money for deliveries, herb garden help, rent, bills, and stipends for volunteers – including Wendy who is working overtime and has lost her income from clients. 

If you would like to help out the community by supporting Wendy and her team, please click on the link below and contribute to her GoFundMe program.

This link is also available on her Facebook page and other group pages - Valley Hub, Boont-Swap and the AV Chamber of Commerce. She can also email or text you a link to the GoFundMe program.

LARGE DONATIONS CAN BE TAX DEDUCTIBLE  through our 501c3 fiscal sponsor.  Anything you can CONTRIBUTE would be wonderful! We are only as healthy as those around us. We have the power to keep our Valley safe if we all work together!

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